Billy Syms

I love to sing you a song and tell you a story... five chapters long


10 song rough samples just me and my guitar

I love song writing, more then all of it. If you like a song, lets talk, everything is for sale... 

Ripples in the Water

This song was written for a dear friend who passed away. I wrote this as a tribute to our love and friendship. Thanks for listening...

Sample of midi VST...

A Tribute to Frank Skinner and Hans Salter. This is a sample of my composing style for film, and full length motion picture, or maybe a video you have of your family, contact me, lets see if we can't make your project come alive with music. Contact me.

My Acting

Click the link above for my actors resume.

My resume is only the work I enjoyed and I am proud of doing, all the others I would rather forget. 

 i am in the process of finding clips and contacting to get them credited like I was suppose to have when i got the job. I'll find them one at a time i will post them. Keep checking back.

Thank You.

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The Briss Saver

This was a fun project, I am the cowboy. At this time I went by the stage name of Had Hagerd. it was actually a joke, but as Had hagerd, i got more acting work then Billy Syms... funny... go figure, Hollywood...