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it has always been my dream to start a music school for low income, Actually everyone is welcome and pay what you can afford to pay. In this economy and world it is really hard to do something like this. If you are interested in helping me sign up on my list and donate anything will help My Mission

I am the music director at two churches here in the Shasta valley and I sing at Zephyr Book Store and the lawn at the courthouse downtown Yreka On good days beginning in the spring and summer and end in the fall. The winter is just too cold. So I move in doors. 

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Five Chapters Long Presents,

A Short Study on Hebrews 6:1-3

 The 6  Basic Principles is the first and only Bible study and Sunday school class I have ever had the privilege to teach, so far in my life. I hope this book opens your eyes and heart to something different in your walk with our Lord. Moving forward unto perfection this is the goal of Hebrews 6:1-3. 
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Who is Jabez?

 My personal testimony of living this prayer of Jabez. Who is Jabez? and How has his prayer helped me my whole life. 

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The Bull Dogger

Book Two of The Lawman's Trail.

Bill Picket The father of the Bull Dogging event of the Rodeo. 

The Old Wood Box

Book One The Lawman's Trail

Captain Trevor turns 100 years old and takes his family through an old wood box of his life's momentous.


 William "Billy" Robberson,  
Bull Rider Champion retired ~ Drunk.  
He is sober for many years just living day to day. Billy gets a telegram for him to call home it is an emergency. Judge Robberson is in the hospital from a man she put in prison. Cookie...He escapes and is still on the loose.  
...Now he is coming for her family. 

My Family In America

Adam Sims and His Decedents

coming soon

My family history book has been in the making for 25 years plus. I am happy to say I have gone as far as I can. 

Marv and Mary's Bar

Marv and Mary's Bar & Shamus? 

is a story of love and the comedy of life's adventures in search of "May We Be Friends?" and who Shamus is... 

My hope is my funny short stories are inspirational short stories that leave you smiling.