I am Blessed

I live in Yreka California

I am a blessed man. I am a survivor I am recovering from Lymphoma. I guess I could say my faith has been a huge factor for me becoming the man I am today

My goals

My goals are simple I just want to do what my God wants me to do. All of my needs are met and my wants are simple

I love singing country music and watch people dance and have fun

I love writing songs and playing guitar with those I love and care about. It gives me great joy to just hang out and play and sing for all who want to listen. No big deal. I can do it on stage in front of thousands or just at the dining table with a few friends. I just love singing a song.

I love acting

I really get a kick out of acting and being someone I'm not. I am a great actor for me there is no other fun other than singing a song and play guitar but ACTING that is just so cool, I really love every part of film making.


I love song writing and composing. I love writing stories I write five chapter stories and have 11 books done and 7 more on the way. To me it is great to research and use my family history and my imagination and come up with a story, which I believe would make great movies.

Making things out of wood

I love making keepsake boxes and carving it really blows my friends mind when i make them a box and carve something on top. the smiles say it all.

My 4th Life



Well my web site is back up and running. I have been fighting hard to keep my life and health. Ever since that dog bite my health has run down bad. I almost died, i lost 20% of my lungs, Breathing is hard. I have not sang I have had a hard time of it. I had to pay that hospital bill myself that cost me dearly. But through it all i have learned to trust in Jesus... This has been an interesting year full of ups and downs. I was minister of music at Little Shasta Church and was called to leave there and go full time to Gazelle Community Church and lead music there.  This last year I have devoted most of my time writing the history of the 3 churches I have ministered at Bethel Assembly of God, Little Shasta Church, and Gazelle Community Church. They have very cool history Little Shasta and Gazelle have so much in common this is truly a small town where so many are related and share so much in common. The big example is the first 5 ministers were the same for Little Shasta and gazelle. I am in the process of finishing these history books and i will put them together and my testimony of my time here and call it, Siskiyou and Me. This being Siskiyou County. I am beginning one last time, being in prayer, about so many things. I understand the Lords leading and I do not want to file bankruptcy as I was going to I want to pay off my debt and if i can sell my songs and books , which I might add would make a great movie many of them. maybe God will bless me and i will be able to do just that, Or die trying. It would be nice for me to pay off my debts and leave behind something. I have many books and over the next few weeks I will be finishing up everything and I am creating a video blog the young people I know call it a vlog so i will be posting them soon. I began doing that today. Well that's it I guess. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back again to check on the new things music videos and new books i will be posting... God bless.



I am sore all over, My back is the worst of it, my wounds are healing up. But my back is worse.  

The dog biting me first on my hip that forced me to twist my back. Wham wham wham… hip, fat of my side, and my finger. So fast I did not have time for anything. Then he ran back into its yard.   


I got med's from the doctors, good lord I am back on 8 medications now. finally a few pain pills. maybe i will get a good nights sleep, I don't like pain med's. 



I just got up out of bed. Up and down all night long from the pain in my finger and my back from that dog. The pain is bad, my wounds on my back are ok. But my finger is real red, some puss keeps leaking out on my bandage as I change it I notice it. Its normal weeping. 

My eye sight is worse, 

I am sore all over and I feel like I have the flu… all the symptoms of rabies, but I don’t have rabies at least I hope I don’t, I guess I’ll know next week. When I’m dead foaming at the mouth.... 

good lord help me.… lol 

I am angry 

I am suffering   


I open my email. I get a text from a neighbor of the dog that bit me. The text email says to call him he has two stairs I thought I would offer to help him with to replace. 

We have spoken many times as I walk past his house on the ally. He is a nice man. I explain to him I cant help him I was bitten by a dog. He said. “oh you’re the one?” The owner of the dog I think he said, Juan was pissed searching the neighborhood to see if he could see me walking and also if there was another German Sheppard in the neighborhood, He is making excuses saying it is not his dog, but he knows he heard the dog bite me, he put a red body harness on the dog after the attack. I saw it... 

I understand he is scared of losing his dog, Animal control said they won't take it but he needs to keep it contained or eventually he will lose his dog. The dog is aggressive, he bit me up good. I was just walking home.

So now I know this guy is going to come after me because his dog drew blood on me and I reported it…and I’m lying… making the whole thing up…  

I am nervous that this guy who is now a confirmed liar in my book...and he is coming looking for me???…He has said to much facebook which i have a copy. and to this neighbor that text me, i will not give his name, it is just all hear say anyway..

I am scared,  does he have my name? 

I feel like now I have to move. I am worried, hiding, this is no way to live, now I have to move.  




I woke up I could hardly get out of bed.   


7:57pm  I’m going to bed I took two Tylonal 1000mg my back hurts 



I am hurting bad, i tried to walk it off but I just can't


Dee from Dr. Kolpacoff called and said I need to call Environmental health and Public health Yreka, In from them. 

The animal (Dog) German Sheppard needs to make sure it is current on its shots… Now I have to worry about this… the stress is killing me… I am sick to my stomach. And hurting bad My side hurts to the touch. My back hurts I can barely walk and my finger which is ripped up. my finger is so sore… it throbs… 

I have to keep the bandage on it until Thursday then I can let the air dry it out… but I can’t do anything…, I have to keep it clean and just use a bandage no antibiotic gel… I will need it to dry it out…  



Called Environmental Health… 

Yreka 841-2100 

I spoke with Alexandria 


She said, she will add this report to the animal control report that dusty gave her. So animal control sent the report… 



Calling Public Health… 841-2145



I left detailed message on her machine…  



Animal Control… Dusty came by to get my statement I wrote out for him telling the facts that happened. I asked him about the dogs shots, he said the dog was not current. I asked about rabies, he said, treatment for rabies must be started within 48 hours. He said, the dog had been at one time vaccinated. I should not have anything to worry about, chances are I will be alright.  



Called Dr. Kolpacoff’s office spoke with the case nurse there she said, the VA does not do that administer rabies shots and to call Public Health back… Public Health has not called me back…



Called Public Health again… no answer no return call. 



Denise from public health called and said Dr Kolpacoff had called her and spoke with her. He feels I am in no danger. 


7:37am  I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. And the pain in my back is bad. I can barely walk. I called my primary doctor Kolpacoff and he is going to see me at 1:30 pm today, But I have no way to walk there I can’t barely move I’m in such pain. What am I going to do? I depend on my feet to get around. And now I’m hurt. Damn dog… 



I called and canceled my shows at Zephyr’s on Tuesdays until further notice. I can’t play guitar my right hand hurts to much and the bandage is so cumbersome. Wow! The pain is bad. I have no pain med’s and I am suffering. Last night was horrible.  I can’t record! Everything now has been put on hold… and what happens? I have to get my life’s work finished. And record these 400+ songs. Now how do I do that? I am emotionally suffering, and I am physically suffering. And I am mentally suffering, from the trauma and shock of being attacked so viscously.   



I contacted Chromaphonic - Sarah. I had to tell her I cannot come in now to begin… this really hurts. It’s lost time and me with Lymphoma I do not have much time left… Time is Life. I have to go into town, and the only way for me to go is to walk past that house. I’m scared to do that what happens if that dog comes at me again?  or worse the owner comes after me, how do I defend myself... I am in a very bad way.



I called Martin Andreas he said, he will represent me. He wants the police report so I have to go to the police station right now, and I have to walk… Boy I don’t know how I am going to do that… I have to go the long way from now on and that is an extra mile. Boy, everything has changed… I am hurting so bad… My side and back hurt my hand hurts. Man…



I just called Veterans choice and they said, they may not cover the bill… I also gave the hospital my Medicare card. “Partnership Health” and they may take care of my bill… I hope so… I have to call my VA rep …


I am on the phone waiting 

541-826-2111 white city California. 

I talk to 3 different people. finally got a hold of a young man who will document my call and if by chance Fairchild bills the VA they will have a record and see if I qualify… qualify? Veterans are not allowed to go to the emergency room… Sacramento will make that determination I live in Yreka there are no VA hospital around me only the clinic and they are closed on Sundays. And with the bacteria in a dog bite what would happen to me if I had waited? I am so STRESSED OUT!!!!!! 

Mental and emotion and physical trauma and I am hurting!!!!!!! 



Animal control called me, I was on my way to Dr. Kolpacoff to follow up and make sure the antibiotics will not conflict with any of my other medications, heart disease, diabetes, COPD (Lungs) and Lymphoma… I finished with Dr. Kolpacoff, and went and got photo copies made of what paper work I had because Dustin want copies and to talk to me…   


my back is killing me…That damn dog cost me a lot of money already and time.

I can’t play guitar tomorrow. I am so disappointed… 



Animal control came to my place and Dusty Wilson took pictures of my side and hand. So the cut is better seen without all of the blood. He informed me that the dog is NOT current on its shots. I am now worried and stressed out about that. I called the VA clinic Dr. Kolpacoff to ask what should I do…  



I went to bed I kept waking up because of the pain. And also having to take one of these antibiotic every 8 hours. These antibiotic make me sick and give me diarrhea… My back is what hurts the most I am so stiff. And walking seems to make it hurt worse. I have to get ready for the winter, roof coating and fix the water leak  How am I going to do this I have no clue but I have to do what I have to do.  




Today I was walking home at 1:55pm and a German Sheppard came out of its yard, stalked me 30 feet from its yard down the ally I use to go home.  The dog came up on me from behind and bit me on my right side as he bit me the dog growled,  He hit me hard almost knocking me off of my feet, which I caught myself as I was tuning, which has hurt my lower back. I yelled Ouch as I was turning, as I was falling my arm swung around the dog bit me again on my right hand, ripping the skin off my middle finger and puncturing my ring finger. He first bit me on my upper leg hip, then in the side and broke skin, then on my middle finger he ripped the top of my finger on top and on my pad, he also got me on the right ring finger. a small puncture. The blood came flowing, the dog ran back to its yard the owners put the dog away and never came to check on me.
I have Lymphoma and I can’t get cut not to mention bit. When the police asked them if the dog was current on its shots the dog owner said they did not have the papers, no proof of vaccines.
A neighbor (Wade Maccullum) saw the whole thing and called the police... no fence and this dog as I found out has bit several people and attacked a few others. including Wade and Tish both.

The neighbors Wade and Tish, said, I needed to go to the hospital and get antibiotics, and have it cleaned out. So I did, Wade gave me a ride to Fairchild emergency room. 

I got there approx, 2:20-2:30pm 

I can’t play guitar so now what am I going to do? Now I am set back.

It has become a very sad day for me. I went to the emergency room at Fairchild hospital. Wade the man who saw it all took me. He was nice to me. The owners of the dog did not come out to check on me at all. When the dog bit me I did not see a collar or harness. But when the police showed up. I’m bleeding bad, and the officer went to talk to them he took pictures of my side and hand. And took a picture of the dog. As we were waiting for the police wade called them we both noticed a door open on the trailer. Which could have been them getting the harness. Because in the picture the dog had a harness and they said, it was chained up. And they told the officer the dog never got off the chain. They lied… I have a witness. And how did my hand get bloody?… liars. 

I am going to have to get the address to where they live. Somehow I am going to have to go to the police station and get the report and then go from there. I need a lawyer. I will call Martin Andreas tomorrow and see if he will take my case. 

Anytime I get mixed up with the law in any way, I have to have a lawyer with me. It's just to dangerous with out one. 

I am very depressed all of this has happened, I am hurt bad. All because they could not take care of their animal.

Dog bite happened at 1:55pm 

Fairchild emergency at 2:48pm  


Well I contacted a few corporations about sponsorship. I see that this is a dead end... learning by doing is hard to do. but once i get it,  i'll be able to have a webinar and charge money to show how to do this... What am I trying to do again? O'brother. So I am going to research this and see if anyone wrote an e-book... lol 

I just have to keep trying. How do i market what i have? How do i find an agent? agency/ management?


How do you get sponsorship? Do you have to be a big star? or is there someplace that will give a helping hand? Not very many people give a helping hand.

My dad used to say the squeaky gear gets all the grease. Just ask. So okay thats what i am doing, Guitar manufactures. big corporations of all kinds? what about things I like? there has to be a way.Well all I know is that if you act like you belong you can get past 90% of the obstacles. 

I have been in the entertainment industry long enough to know that 90% of people are going to say no to you. It's all a decoy. Never take no for the final answer. If they won't let you in the back door go in the front door under their noses...

By acting like you belong you will belong. I once saw Kid Rock by his bus. security was standing two of them. i saw a trash can. so i picked up the can and put it up high on my shoulder, hip and walked right past security and met the Kid Rock.

I once was at a studio i won't mention its name. but i went to the guard shack and asked to be entered. All i said, was i am with this game show and I need to sign the clip board and I was admitted. I got to eat breakfast and had a great day. I was only suppose to be in the audience which I was, but instead of waiting outside in the sun. i sat inside in the air con. I still got paid. But I also got breakfast and comfort... no cattle call for his boy

So okay how do I apply this to getting an agent/manager? sell my books and music? Go back into acting? 

This is the question. leave me a comment if you have any idea

Aug. 31, 2017

It's already the end of the month. The area has been real smoky from the fires. 

I have been doing chores. It is time to think about the coming winter so Tomorrow on the first i will go and get a gallon of mastic for my roof.

Finish cleaning my truck out. I have a lot of wood for boxes so I'll glue them up. 

I have repairs to finish on my truck.

 I'm stuck i can not get the nut on the gear of my timing chain off. It has really been a thorn in my flesh. I have time. At least I think I do. I hope. well That is it for me. 

I have ten books finished. and I have 200 songs. I am in the process of recording. working very hard on my writing both books short stories and music. It's all good.

What Am I Doing?

  It's funny how things can change in a heartbeat. Literally a heartbeat. I have 8 books now and another one is about finished. I have been reading a lot of books on writing, trying to become a better writer. I just want to produce good stories and good music. My stories, books are 5 chapters long. Approximately 100 pages long. I never thought I would ever do anything like that. I really do not know if my books are good or not, however I am having fun writing them. I am a conversation writer. I do not set the scene so much maybe I should. I have not been reading other authors writings because I want my writing to be authentic. All me. Right or wrong I am just doing something.  

 I have a lot of regrets. I am not living in my regrets and I have learned from them. However, I am sad because I could have done better for myself and my family. I could have created a family, but I see that my God had a different plan for me in this life.

 Off and on my whole life I have helped my friends, At least I hope I have helped them. I also have helped many people I do not know not only in the United States but several other countries as well. I have taught Sunday school and music classes at the book store and privately in other peoples home. I have shared my testimony and preached at church, in fact several churches. And I have sung. I have shared my songs good and bad. In fact I have sung some really bad songs. I have never been embarrassed because I wanted to see what people thought by looking at their faces and the expression they had. If I have looked foolish or stupid I really don't care I need to learn and grow and because of singing the bad songs I have written good songs.  

 You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time... So why worry  a few people you can please sometimes. It is always just the way it is.

I am living one day at a time. I am in recovery / remission from cancer. So instead of just watching TV and doing nothing, I do what I can. I am trying to make money. I can not work yet, My health just wont allow me to do that. I can do somethings but, I get dizzy and this old body of mine is weak.  

I hope to get a gym membership and I should do that because it will help me in the long run.  I also need to fix my truck and my car. I want to record my music. I have so many songs and I want to give 10 of them to the Music Hall as a community project to support the music hall and a few of the local artists. I want to give and leave something behind when I pass away off of earth.

I love ... I try everyday to just "BE" and do it in love for one another. I have loved only a few women I mean truly love and wanted to be with them. But they have not cared for me. I always am attracted to the wrong women. I am asking my God for His choice for me. Maybe It is not meant to be for me. I have been free to do what ever the Lord wants me to do. i have not had to be concerned with someone else in my life. i worked for a lot of people and organizations. After all of this and the rejection from a truly great lady  because i am older then she. I have learned to face the facts that the spirit is in control of my life. and What is awateing me is more than i can imagine. Earth is but a stepping stone. My home is over there. My friend Jesus has already been working on it and It is almost finished and I'll be moving in.

I am finishing a book It is called "Am I Dreaming." One woman who lives in both reality and reality. When awake in one reality she is dreaming in the other. One is good and one is bad. 

Well I guess that is all I have to say right now. It has been hard for me but I am overcoming. One day at a time.

Aug 8, 2017


What I am about to say I mean no disrespect. I am only going to share from my heart and my experience.

Lately I have lost a few very close people to me. FRIENDS! My loved ones. Yes I do love men and women and animals. To me Love is love. I practice Love.  

What is life?

The age old question. Life is service really, we all serve somebody. It might be yourself, family it might be the devil, it might be the Lord. But we all serve somebody. The secret is how you think. Death is a fact of life and life is a fact of death. My dear Aunt Dorothy used to say, “Earth is school. Learn your lessons take your tests and pass them and move along to the next lesson and test”… I have died 3 times. I almost died for good twice. I survived the widow maker, (Heart) and I am in recovery from Lymphoma. I was at stage 3. The doctors did not have much hope for me, and I was told that from the beginning. Most die. I knew I was not going to die. How? I mean really how did I know that?

MY FAITH. June 7 2016 I went to Travis Air force base to have a port placed in my chest for the chemo drugs I was about to begin. Long story. You can read it on my blog my4thlife. https://www.billysyms.com/my-blog-my-4th-life 

I saw. I heard, I Know… was it a dream? A vision? Death? An out of body experience? I don’t know. But what I saw, and heard changed me forever. Rest and have peace, because earth is just a stepping stone across the vastness of time, into eternity. Where do we go? 

This is where people get angry. Religion teaches many things. But Faith teaches two things. 1. The substance of things hoped for. And  2. it is evidence of things unseen.  

My reality is created by the way I think. And the teachings that have influenced my thinking are the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. The Christ. I want to go where Jesus is. I believe we all go to the creation we have created by the way we think. Life with the spirit or life absencent of the spirit. Religion teaches heaven and hell… I don’t see it that way… oh do not get me wrong there is a hell… ive been there, and there is a heaven so to speak ive been there as well… heaven would be in the presence of the great I AM. And hell will be the absence of this great I AM…So I can say our lives are created by the way we think. Jesus said, “I AM… the way the truth and LIFE”. I believe all humans go to Jesus. Which is over there! He left us the Holy Spirit to point the way to there… this spirit is the creation force we all seek. EVIL. This is a different subject but intertwined. We have this knowledge of both good and evil… 

Evil comes to Steel…. Kill…. And Destroy….  Evil steels life. For me I am born twice and I will die once. I am born in my flesh and spirit. Because I asked to be. And my belief and faith. Sustains me in my belief. Because my faith is the substance of things hoped for. Heaven… a better place. A complete place. Where there is only the fruit of the Spirit. Where there is the spirit. Or for a better word for me… GOD. 

Everything else is just nothingness. Death is separation. Separation of the physical and well as spirit. However, when you are born in the spirit. You gain abundance of life. The Greek word for life is Zoe. Zoe life. And Bios life. Bios life is death… Zoe life is Life. The Spirit of creation. Some call it God. Some call it the universe, some call it energy… the truth is. IT IS….. I AM THAT… I AM… when you can grasp this concept of this creation POWER. Of I AM THAT… or another translation of this Hebrew expression. Is also the word such. I AM SUCH… I like THAT because it has great depth I AM everything… THAT. So when I am or anyone is absence from the body, there spirit is in the presence of the... I AM THAT… 

Judgment day has not yet come.  The Spirit of creation I AM THAT I AM will judge or read the test results in the books…  and then determines who shall enter into I AM THAT I AM at a greater level of understanding and wisdom. Jesus said. I AM… the way the truth and Life. You want peace, joy, patience, LOVE, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness. Self control? These are the things Zoe gives. Bios gives fear doubt worry, sadness….

I saw what is waiting for me when I pass out of my flesh body and enter into the spirit. I saw what there was, I heard and saw my family… I SAW AND HEARD JESUS… it is real and truth and yours for the asking. All it takes is belief. 

So when we are faced with sadness of a loss. Remember they are in the presence of the great I AM THAT… they are in a better place then earth… earth is cool in a lot of ways. But what I have been preparing for is something so far-out I can’t imagine what will be there for me. And it is all based on LOVE… not Hate. It is based on Zoe and not Bios. Be of good cheer. Your time is slowing coming to an end. This is what time does. Sooner or later we all will look face to face. We see dimly now but some point at the end of our time we will see. Faith is the most important. It is impossible to please the Spirit without it… learn the lessons pass the tests. Have faith… You will see them all again. At the end of your time. I promise the passing over does not hurt… I have been in great pain. My second death was by far the most painful. But when I separated. The pain was gone and perfect peace came, when the light consumed me. ZOE… Life… john 3:16… the word at the end is Life… ZOE…  don’t be sad… you will see everyone again. They are just down the trail right over there… close. I’ve been there 3 times… personally I can’t wait to get back… :-)

I’ve said too much I’m sorry…

July 19, 2017

I am Becoming a Writer.

  I have written 5 books. One of the 5 books I have finished is my family history. I have 4 books for sale. I could sell my history but why would anyone want to buy that? I have two stories and two Biblical study books. All 4 of my books are around 100 pages. 5 chapters.   I am NOT a writer in fact I hardly went to school. My punctuation needs work, To be honest I do not know anything. Are my stories entertaining? I don’t know. I like them. Are they marketable? I don’t know,..    Would I buy them? Well actually I don’t know If I would buy them. I don’t read…   

My Friend's Property overlooking Mt. Shasta.

I live in Yreka, this picture of Mt. Shasta, is from My new friend from my church down the road from her. It is so beautiful here. all year round is  

Little Shasta Church built in 1879. in it's beginning it was a Congregational Church. Today Dr. Shofner is Lutheran. Traditional services. I love it. I am so blessed to be here. I hope I bless and give my God all the glory. 


I have no clue what I am doing. So I am winging it. Coming out from the wing and hitting the stage like I know what I’m doing.   I had a few friends edit my books. I can’t pay so that limits me. 

So I bought a few books and began reading. “Eats, Shoots, & Leaves.” Was the best book on punctuation so far, by far.    I am putting myself out there. I am going for it. 

Here are a few things that have helped me so far. 


~ Write well the first time.  

~ Then go back over and add, take away and change up as you feel it.  

~ I am just writing. Getting every thought on paper.  

~ Then I go and get a real piece of paper and I draw a circle on it.  

~ From there I draw other circles and a few words of how I want my story to go inside each circle. 

~ Brain storming I guess you call it.  

~ After I do this and fill up the page. I do it again.  

~ This time I organized my thoughts and sort of make an outline.  

~ I use colored pencils so I can see how it flows. A different color for each person or event, etc…  

~ Then I begin listing my chapters. By this time I usually have a name for a chapter and I write short stories and my stories are 5 chapters.  

~ Once I get my chapters named. I write an opening statement. And ideas I want to say within the chapter.  

~ I keep at it, adding conversations of my characters and then describe my scenes.  

~ You know the drill…    

This is how I go about it. I have no idea if I’m cool with this method or if there is something better. All I know is this is how I go about writing.  

So now what do I do? I have the books. This is my next adventure in my life as a writer. How do I market? These are things I hope to learn… 

To be continued…     

June 29 2017

So far so good. Dec 7 2016 until today no chemo drugs. i put on 25 pounds feeling good.

May 17, 2017

Me in the U. S. Navy 1976

The very year I signed in the Navy changed the uniform. I looked like a milk man. I was so disappointed. they took the Cracker Jack away. Then when I got out they gave it back... 

My Dad and I was 10 years old 1967

Me in the catacombs of Odessa Ukraine 2014

May 5 2017

  Life sure is funny sometimes. I look back over it and see this day was always a drinking day. I would drink Tacate with lemon and salt and I would eat tacos being raised in Southern California some of my friends of Mexican decent would drink Budweiser’s… funny I drank Mexican beer they drank American beer and now days these beers are not made in Mexico or America. They are made in another country… go figure. Life has changed. Those of us which are still alive don’t drink at all anymore.   

Today I live for Jesus. That is all that is important to me is my testimony for Him. I have a new book out it is called “Who is Jabez” check it out and get a copy for yourself. I hope it will bless you as it has blessed me writing it. All of my books should be available soon. I am in the final steps of edit. And I am finishing up three more soon. I go to our local book store in town… Yreka Ca. …  Zephyr Books and Coffee which inspires me, 

God bless you.  


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April 8 2017

I am in recovery. I have been working very hard at writing my books playing music, writing and re-writing my songs. I have made it to the finals at the music contest and have met some outstanding song writers and musicians. I am thinking I may with drawl due to the young people in the contest. 

I am speaking of a young lady Sage she is 18 years old and Sam a 21 year old young man. I have several songs I have written that I believe they could do very well. I think of Kris and Willie, each giving a song to other performers who made there songs HITS. 

I am praying about it and I will make up my mind this next few weeks. In the mean time I am recording them and others and trying to get some recording finished. I really want to learn my computer programs better so I may have some good recording and I hope to publish them so I can get on with selling and seeing if i may attract an agent or manager. Even an agency. 

I am a great actor and singer and song writer and I just can't give up. 

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January 19, 2017

It all Started

  January 19, 2017… A few months ago. I had a breakdown… I was beside myself with poison running through my body from the chemo drugs they have been giving me. I wanted to die many times… I have seen things that I have never seen before. I have  

April 11 2016 I had wrote 12 songs and I was sitting in the chair the Holy Spirit spoke to me and I knew I had to record all 12 of those songs. I also knew not to stop so I did one right after another…  later I lost my voice and I have yet to get it all back… my voice it was an issue of pride with me and not being grateful for what he has given me… 

April 12… I saw my doctor for a checkup. Lost 70 pounds at that time now I have lost 140 pounds… He took me off all but one blood pressure pill. I survived the widow maker. My main artery on my right side of my heart is blocked. They failed to open it twice and tore a hole in it the last time trying to open it…  I almost died that day… they did manage to put a plug in the hole and a miracle the hole was just a little too large for the plugs they had. I could not move, but lay there for 8 hours hoping it would seal and it did. I laid there motionless the whole time. The doctor told me they would have to cut me open if the seal did not work…  I did not want that… they opened two other areas in my arteries and I have one metal Farris stint. And my doctor took me off all my medications but one blood pressure pill.  I was diabetic, hypertension, arterial scleroses, and I had cancer pulps in my intestine. Which they cut out. No chemo back then. I had 3 heart attacks. And at first to many to count, small beginning heart attacks I thought was just heart burn and gas… Looking back I see clearly God’s hand on my life. So for Doctor Kolpacoff to take me off of everything was huge for me. I walked out of his office dancing I had a perfect bill of health I thought thank you Jesus I may be able to go back to work maybe finish school, I came back to Hornbrook. I called everyone…  

April 13. I woke up to the worse pain I have ever had… 15 days 24 -7. The emergency room at Fairchild they did nothing for me but gave me a shot of steroids which hurt me that made me sick on top of it all.. Karuk tribal clinic gave me a pill that the side effects were so bad from the pill they gave me I stopped taking them they hurt me worse. Dr. Kolpacoff was so booked up he could not see me. It was the week end each time. Kolpacoff had to order test in Redding… But no shuttle. I was bad off… Dr. Kolpacoff thought I had Polymyalgia rheumatica Inflammation of my mussels. He gave me prednisone which hurt me and did nothing. This is what took my voice away and it has not yet recovered. 

Another weekend rolls around another week. I was beside myself. I was awake for 15 days with maybe 4 hours of sleep. Nothing I could do. My friends from church took me to Roseburg Oregon the emergency room at the VA… The only emergency room in Northern California and Oregon. They finally gave me pain pills and Dr. Kolpacoff got a few tests… That in its self was a miracle. The normal staff was away training had they been there they would have refused service because I am a California residence and had to use the California system. BUT. the Doctor on duty was a friend of Dr. Kolpacoff and when my Doctor had called, He got what he wanted. When i saw him a few days later, everything changed. I fell into the system and miracles began to happen for me. Like with in hours and days instead of weeks and months. 

Dr. Kolpacoff thought it was Leukemia of some kind. 12 times he called for tests which should have taken 3 to 6 weeks each test and every time he called someone with the test he was ordering canceled and I moved into their spot 12 times counting Roseburg… Miracles!!! 

I turned out to be in stage 3 lymphoma moving into stage 4. 

God gave Dr. Kolpacoff wisdom and knowledge, from one number on my blood test then confirmed by the other tests beginning in Roseburg Oregon. He is as amazed as I am… Dr. Kolpacoff sent me to Mather VA for many of the tests and surgery.. The oncologist there said if I did not take chemo I would be dead by November 2016. Dr. Kolpacoff said the same thing. I was in very bad shape. I went before the Lord. What do you want me to do? Chemo, instant healing by you, or death. I choose death. I was not going to do it mainly because I wanted to die.

 June 7 on the operation table to get the port, See the post "June 7, 2016" God was going to show me things I had never seen before. And I am seeing things I have never seen before. Healing, deliverance, and the greatest of everything salvation. And the blessings of seeing them make Jesus Lord of their lives.  



June 7 2016

Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, CA

This day I will never forget.

I ether had a vision, a dream, an out of body experience, or I died.

I went to the hospital to get a port placed in my chest to administer the chemo drugs I was about to begin. I was taken to the table and i laid down and the nurse showed me the port they were going to put in and all about the procedure, She got me ready and wheeled me into the operation room. I went to sleep. and I heard the doctor say, "He sure is breathing hard." the nurse said, "he says that is what happens when he is on his back."

I fell back like i was under water, Then when i came up out of the water I was in a field and the grass and flowers were amazingly beautiful and coming up inside of me, I was not crushing them, Before i could ask I had the answer, You are not flesh and bone here.

As i walked I heard my Dad say, "There he is". I looked and I saw people waving at me. I knew they were my family and friends. I walked over to this river and saw three large stepping stones and i went to stand on the first one and i heard "Stop Billy"... I looked up and Jesus was standing in front of me on the furthest stone, he had his arms out and said, "It is not your time yet." I stopped and I noticed the scares on his hands it was actually his wrists. 

My mom came around him and stood on the middle stone and I said, "Mom you look so young you're so beautiful." She said, "I'm sorry for the way i treated you son will you forgive me?" I went to hug her and she said, "No son it's not your time yet." I said, "OK mom yes i forgive you." She smiled and Jesus took her by her shoulders and said, "Come on Alice" and he pulled her around him. 

Then the Lord said, "Billy It's time to go back now." And he smiled at me... I will never forget that feeling he gave me when he smiled at me...  I said, "Wait Lord, I don't..." and I slipped back and felt like I was under water again and everything around me went black. I heard the doctor say again. "He sure is breathing hard" The nurse said, "He says that is what happens to him when he is on his back." Then the doctor said, "Wake him up I am done." I felt the nurse shake me and say "wake up, Mr. Sims wake up." when i opened my eyes the lights made it hard to focus and i said, "I saw JESUS!" the doctor left and the anesthesiologist left as well.

I told the nurse what i had seen. She said, You talk in your sleep". I said, "What did I say?" "Mom you're so young and beautiful" I just lay there and i cried. She confessed to me she was a believer and we praised the Lord. I left there after about thirty minutes and was taken to my room to spend the night. after about an hour before i went to sleep. I heard the lord say, "Tell people this testimony when i say to". Right then i cried and I knew without any doubt, all of my life the still small leading or voice i have heard was Jesus.

Today i listen and i obey. I hear the Lord and since then i have been told by several people, That God has a plan for me. a work for me to do. and that God is going to show me things I have never seen before. 

And I am...  

The Beginning


April 13 2016... was the beginning of 15 days of pain. From 1 to 10 ... ten being the most severe, I was a 20. I suffered and finally I got some pain pills... finally I got a few tests for my doctor to see. He said, I believe you have a leukemia of some kind. 

I had a total of 12 tests in 5 weeks. For the veterans hospital system that was a miracle. Every time all 12 test my doctor called, someone canceled there appointment and I slipped in and took that slot. It happened 12 times.

They found Lymphoma. I had a port put in my chest June 7, 2016, to administer the chemo drugs.

 This day changed my life.  

Fighting for my Life

Here is a picture of me fighting Lymphoma July 2016... 

June 7 2016... I had a Port for the chemo drugs put in my chest... at Travis Air Force Base California. On the operation table I ether had a vision, dream, or an out of body experience or for a fraction of a second I died...

First day of the Rest of My Life

Here is a picture of me Dec 7 2016 my last treatment of chemo. Mercy Cancer Research Center, Redding Ca. 

The first day of my 4th life was Dec 8 2016

My 4th Life

Dec, 8 2016, I have walked, at first I was only able to walk a half of a mile, Today is Feb 17, 2016...  I am walking two, three miles a day and I have only missed one day due to snow.

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